Ardell Nail Addict - Chrome Pink Foil

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Ardell Nail Addict - Chrome Pink Foil

This nail set proves that opposites attract with its winning combination of flashy gold glitter, elegant marble, and understated blush pink.

- Medium Length

- Almond Shape



  • Pro Designer Nails
  • Endless Customizable Looks
  • Long Lasting Wear
Contains:  24 Nails, Professional Glue, File, Cuticle Stick

Suggested Use

  1. Clean and lightly buff nail.
  2. Select a nail tip that fits your natural nail
  3. Apply a thin layer of glue to natural nail
  4. Place nail tip over natural and hold firmly for 10-15 seconds. If needed, file nails to desired length and shape.
Removal: Soak in acetone polish remover until adhesive dissolves. Do not break or peel off nails.
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