barlean's flax oil 100 softgels, barlean's flaxseed oil softgels

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Barlean's Lignan Flaxseed Oil 100 softgels

Lignan Flax Oil Softgels contains high potency Omega-3 fatty acids that are safe, clean, easy to take and without a nasty fishy aftertaste. Fish oils have to be harvested from live fish stocks, distilled, packaged and tested before they can be taken as dietary supplements. This means that they are expensive and can sometimes contain pollutants from the fish. Lignan Flax Oil Softgels has none of these production variables. It's cold pressed and made from organic and unrefined North American flax seeds, straight from the seeds to your body.

And Barlean's knows oils. Lignan Flax Oil Softgels is a best selling flax seed oil, a Vity award winner, made by a Consumer Labs #1 rated company. Oils are Barlean's specialty and they've made sure that Lignan Flax Oil Softgels lives up to that legacy.  Order yours now.

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