Source of Life Red Lightning Power Packed Antioxidant

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Natures Plus Source of Life Red Lightning Power Packed Antioxidant - 0.5 lbs. (230 g)

Natures Plus Source of Life Red Lightning is the amazing whole food energy drink that energizes, revitalizes, and delivers red food antioxidant protection against free radical damage! Antioxidant rich foods are idemtified by their vibrant colors. Red foods in particular pack a mega-powerful natural punch of free radical scavenging antioxidants. Natures Plus Source of Life Red Lightning is the first whole food energy drink to ever to tap into the specialized antioxiodant defense that only red foods can offer! With 30 whole food concentrates and extracts , including pomegranate, mangosteen, acai, gogi berries, and noni, Source of Life Red Lightning delivers an incredible total ORAC value of 4000 per serving! Natures Plus Source of Life Red Lightning captures lightning in a bottle, harnessing nature's awesome power to deliver pure, invigorating energy and unparalleled antioxidant activity!

Natures Plus Source of Life Red Lightning Features & Benefits:

  • 100 % Natural
  • Guaranteed Burst of Energy
  • Power Packed Antioxidant
  • Supercharged with 30 Whole Foods
  • Gluten Free

About Natures Plus

Natures Plus has been considered the gold standard in Natural Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements for over 40 years.

The Beginning
In the early 1970s, when Gerald Kessler founded Natures Plus, he had a clear vision of the kind of products he wanted to produce. Carefully studying the natural vitamin market, he observed that consumers were seeking energy and an enhanced quality of life from their vitamins. He knew that only a supplement made with superior ingredients and the highest standards of manufacturing could result in exceptional products with the energy-releasing results consumers demanded.

Over 1,200 Natural Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements Later
They continue to fine-tune their products and raise the bar for quality and performance in their industry. Today Natures Plus products are unsurpassed in their ability to release natural energy and provide the ultimate feeling of well-being. That's why they call them the "Energy Supplements."

The Natures Plus Quality Commitment
Natures Plus has worked hard to earn the loyalty of millions of satisfied consumers and health food retailers worldwide with our emphasis on high quality at every stage - from manufacturing to on-time delivery to retailers:



  • Selection of the highest quality safe and natural ingredients
  • Over 1,200 natural vitamins and nutritional supplements to meet a wide variety of needs
  • Customized nutritional products for men, women and children that deliver maximum results
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Their facilities, which are FDA registered and NSF certified, maintain continuous adherence to cGMP compliance and superior standards through consistent review by their Quality teams.
  • Ongoing research and development continues to bring you and your family the most effective vitamins and supplements based on solid, scientific findings
  • Innovative vitamins and supplements enhanced with special combinations of ingredients for maximum health and energy benefits
  • 100% Consumer Satisfaction Guarantee. Natures Plus is committed to supplying superior quality natural vitamins and nutritional supplements that meet the high-energy demands of their customers without shortcuts or compromise.
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    Natures Plus - Source of Life Red Lightning Power Packed Antioxidant - 0.5 lbs. (230 g)


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